Time of Admission

Normally admissions begin in the month of April and continue till about the end of July.

Admission Procedure

The student will be admitted on the basis of an interview-cum-admission test subject to availability of seats. The subjects for the test are Hindi, English and Mathematics.
Normally admissions begin in the month of April and continue till about the end of July.

Admission Form

Admission form and a copy of prospectus can be obtained in person or by registered post from the office of the school. Registration will not guarantee a seat in the school or the hostel.


Application for admission should be submitted in the office along with necessary registration fee, which is not refundable.

Documents Required at the Time of Admission

A student, at the time of admission, will be required to produce the Transfer Certificate of the previous school where she/he studied last along with the result of the previous class. The admission will be provisional for one year, which will be confirmed if in the opinion of the school the child is actually being benefited by the school. In this connection, the school's decision shall be final and binding.

Admission in the Middle of the Session

The student admitted in the middle of the session will be required to pay the fee for the entire academic session.

Age Limit for Admission

No student of higher than the average age of the class in which the admission is sought shall be admitted to that class in the school. Minimum age for admission to nursery is three years. Birth certificate issued by a competent authority shall be required to be produced in original along with the application for admission.

No Admission for Married Students

Married students are not admitted to the school, nor can one marry while studying at school. Any violation of this rule shall render the student liable to strict disciplinary action resulting in her/his expulsion from the school.

Bus Facility and Fee

  • The bus fee is chargeable for 10 months. It is not permissible to discontinue the bus facility in the middle of the session.
  • The bus facility is available normally for the students of nursery to class X; however, for girls, it is extended up to class XII.
  • The bus stops are fixed. No student shall be allowed to board the bus from the stops other than the one fixed for her/him in the beginning.


Residential Facilities - The school provides residential facilities for boys and girls on campus. All the hostels are well equipped with the facilities that help the children live and grow in an environment that they can identify as their home. Wardens along with a whole range of support staff are entrusted with the well being of the children and to ensure that the needs of our pupils are fully met with. Hostel facilities are available both for boys & girls from class VI to XII in separate blocks.
The school places much emphasis on the importance of students taking responsibility for themselves, and for each other, within a very carefully supervised framework. For our boarders, the hostel is also home and as such provides every facility for study, leisure and a warm sense of community living which can add so much to school days and life later. The school strongly believes that the values of caring, sharing, and community living must be inculcated in our students from the very beginning. As the children move to senior classes, they are provided shared rooms.

Boy's Hostel
  • Lodha Niwas
  • Aravali Sadan
  • Calcutta Sadan
Girl's Hostel
  • Bharti Sadan

Admission in Hostels

  • The school provides hostel facilities only to meritorious / academically deserving students on first-come-first serve basis.
  • The minimum age of admission to the hostel is nine years
  • Seats are allotted as and when there is a vacancy in the school and the hostel
  • The application for registration should be made on the prescribed form, which can be obtained from the office.
  • The registration fee is non-refundable.
  • The students declared eligible for admission to the hostel shall be required to deposit the first installment of fees immediately, failing which the admission may be cancelled. They must join within three days of their being offered a seat in the hostel.

Fee Structure

FEES CHART 2016-17
I TERM 1620 2050 2380 2640
CM+REG.+ADM. 1850 1850 1850 2350
  3470 3900 4230 4990

II, III, IV & V TERM 1620*4=6480 2050*4= 8200 2380*4=9520 2640*4=10560
GRAND TOTAL 9950 12100 13750 15550

School Uniform

The school has just introduced a new uniform this year. Checked steel grey shirt, grey checked pants/tunic, white socks and black shoes , school belt, white ribbons foe girls and navy blue sweater in winters.


  • A student can be withdrawn from the school and the hostel at the end of an academic year. For this, the parent/guardian should give notice in writing at least one month in advance
  • The fees shall be charged on term basis. Once a student joins the school hostel, the parents will be required to pay the fees for the whole term even if the student leaves the school or hostel at any time during the term.
  • Normally, a student withdrawn from the hostel will not be allowed to continue as a day scholar
  • The balance from the deposits in the personal account of the student is refunded to the parents after three months of withdrawal of the child and after deduction of the amount due, if any.

Canteen & Mess

Canteen The school canteen provides fresh ,tasty and nutritious eatables on payment.
Mess There is a common mess for all the boarders. Food is cooked in most scientific hyginic and nutritious manner in a modern, well equipped kitchen with a large and spacious dining room