Vidya Bhawan was established in 1931 and the first batch passed out in 1934. In the same year an old boys association was formed. The objective was to keep in touch with the alma mater and to promote the ideals of responsible citizenship, the cherished goal of Vidya Bhawan.

The idea and the name - Vidya Bhawan Vidya Bandhu Sangh - was conceived by the Founder of Vidya Bhawan 'Bhai Sahab' Dr. Mohan Sinha Mehta. He inspired the five first pass outs- Shri Abul Kalam, Shri Jeevan Mehta, Shri Mathuranath Pancholi, Shri Vishnu Dutt Sharma and Shri Yogesh Chandra Sharma- to establish the Sangh. The Constitution and By-laws were made and Vidya Bhawan Vidya Bandhu Sangh came into being in 1934. The first alumni cherished those moments for their entire life and some wrote about it in the issues of 'Vidya Bandhu Mukhpatra'.

Vidya Bandhu Geet "Bachpan ka vah sang hamara" first echoed in 1947. Shri Dayal Chand Soni penned the song on 21st September 1947.

The earliest reference to Vidya Bandhu Mukhpatra, the annual journal of the Sangh, is of 1957. It used to be of two pages printed back-to-back. Shri Deen Dayal Dashottar, the then Editor, deputed his young student Shri Riaz Tehsin as Editor of Mukhpatra. One issue was published. After a gap of twenty-two years, Vidya Bandhu Mukhpatra was re-published in 1989; the Editor was Ms. Razia Tehsin and Joint Editor Shri Jag Mohan Dave. Since then, the publication of Mukhpatra has continued and in 2013 the Sangh brought out the 25th issue. The Silver Jubilee issue was dedicated to Dr. Mohan Sinha Mehta, the Founder of Vidya Bhawan. During this period (1989-2013) Ms. Razia Tehsin, Dr. Vishva Vijaya Singh, Dr. Rekha Shrimali and Dr. Kusum Mathur have been the Editors of the Mukhpatra.

For several years, Mr. Arvind Singhal provided space for the work of Vidya Bandhu Sangh at his office at Chetak Cinema Building, Udaipur. In the year 1981, the office of Vidya Bandhu Sangh was shifted to Panchawati at the office of Shri Riaz Tehsin. The office was shifted to the present place at Vidya Bhawan Senior Secondary School campus on 5th December, 2009.

The membership of Vidya Bhawan Vidya Bandhu Sangh is well over the 800 mark. The membership fee, according to the Constitution in 1934, was Rs.1 along with annual subscription of Rs.2 and Life Membership for Rs.15. Later on, it was increased to Rs.26 and then to Rs.126. The membership fee was increased to Rs.1000 in March 1997. Additional contribution of Rs.1000 was requested from members in the wake of the Diamond Jubilee of Vidya Bandhu Sangh in 2009. Presently, the membership fee is Rs.3100 for Indian members and Rs.5100 for NRI members.

Vidya Bandhus have been attending all major functions of Vidya Bhawan; such as Foundation Day on 21st July at Sajjangarh, Vanshala and Annual Function in the mid-session, Makar Sankranti in January at Vidya Bhawan Basic School, Basant Panchami in February at Vidya Bhawan School etc. They often attended the Saturday Assembly. In 1980s, when the Foundation Day was turned into a mere formality at the school campus, Vidya Bandhus continued to climb Sajjangarh and celebrate the Foundation Day in the lap of nature. Now since 2011, the Foundation Day is being celebrated at Vidya Bhawan Prakriti Sadhana Kendra, Bheelon ka Bedla Udaipur in the surroundings of lush green forest.

For details, please visit the website of Vidya Bhawan Vidya Bandhu Sangh- For details, please visit the website of Vidya Bhawan Vidya Bandhu Sangh: