Punctuality and regularity

The school insists that the students must observe regularity and punctuality in attending the school throughout the session, from the very first day of opening of the school. The students who fail to do so are liable to be fined up to Rs. 5.00 per day and their names may be struck off the rolls for an absence of more than ten days without prior and proper sanction. Anyone going on leave must apply in advance. The application should be duly countersigned by the parents or guardians or House Masters, as the case may be. The student shall not be allowed to attend the school after unauthorized absence until and unless it is duly applied for giving valid reasons for the same.

Participation in sports and co-curricular activities

It is compulsory for every student to take part in games, group activities, camps, hikes and other co-curricular activities organized by the school.

Participation in Open-air Session (Vanshala)

Open air session or Vanshala is a unique educational feature of Vidya Bhawan with immense potential to provide learning opportunities in a natural, unstressed, child friendly, self-discovering and self-exploratory atmosphere. It also gives opportunity to help inculcate the sprit of paper group learning, community living, self-service, adventure and survival in the amidst of adversities and challenges.

Compulsory Attendance

No student shall not be permitted to appear in the annual examination if her/his attendance is below 75 percent.

Cancellation of Admission

If a student is absent without permission from the school continuously for 10 days, her/his name shall be struck off the rolls. Re-admission of such students will be at the discretion of the Principal and on the payment of the admission fee of Rs. 100.00 and fine for remaining absent